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Do You Face Charges for Possession of Oxycodone?

Prescription drug charges involving oxycodone are not the same as other drug charges. The fines can be significantly higher. For example, the minimum fine for marijuana charges is $250. The minimum fine for one pill of oxycodone is significantly higher, and the more pills you are accused of having, the more that fine is increased. You need an aggressive defense lawyer to attack these charges and protect your rights.

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A Simple Mistake Can Lead to Serious Charges

Have you been accused of altering a prescription for oxycodone? Do the charges against you involve allegations of stealing someone else’s prescription? Were you accused of possessing oxycodone pills with the intent to sell them?

Often, charges involving oxycodone and other prescription drugs are the result of a simple mistake. We have represented people who were pulled over and found with one pill in their possession. They were charged with a crime just because that pill was not in its proper prescription bottle. We see situations like these all the time. Whether this is your situation or not, you can be confident in our ability to defend your rights.

Representation for Members of the Medical Community

Nurses, pharmacists and other members of the medical community work with oxycodone and other prescription drugs on a daily basis. These people frequently find themselves on the receiving end of criminal charges. If you are a member of the medical community, you can count on our attorneys to protect your reputation and your future from the consequences of prescription drug charges.

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