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Anyone can be charged with a white collar crime

White collar crimes sound like something that only ultra-wealthy people commit. Fraud, embezzlement, and extortion all seem like the type of crimes you hear about in crime dramas, but they may be closer to reality than you think. White collar crimes are something that anyone can commit and can even happen unintentionally.

How does someone commit these crimes?

Money and business matters walk a tight line between what is legal and what is not. It only takes a single action that may not seem to have any victims for you to commit a white collar crime. Common examples of these crimes include:

  • Falsifying accounting entries
  • Evading regulatory oversights
  • Using the corporate property for personal gain
  • Tax violations
  • Market timing schemes
  • Lying about net asset values

It can be easy to commit these crimes by the flick of a few keystrokes at a keyboard. Still, the consequences can last a lifetime. Using insider knowledge to make beneficial trading may not seem like a serious matter. Still, insider trading is a serious crime with even more serious consequences. Ignorance can be a major cause of white collar crimes, but it is not an excuse or defense in a courtroom.

How can I avoid these crimes?

If you regularly engage in business matters that have the potential to be a white collar crime, having a business attorney at your disposal can be a considerable advantage. Being able to consult with a company attorney can help you avoid crimes can leave you with thousands of dollars in fines and years behind bars. If you are not sure if something would qualify as a white collar crime, consult with a lawyer to avoid the consequences.

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