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Tennessee driver faces multiple charges, including drunk driving

Tennessee police recently responded to a serious traffic accident along a local highway in the early morning hours. During the investigation, they apparently suspected that the driver of one of the vehicles was intoxicated. That driver is now facing multiple charges, including one for drunk driving. The accident was purportedly caused when the 22-year-old man was

18-year-old charged with underage drinking after police arrive

Recently, one Tennessee mother of three remarked that the majority of children are tempted to try alcohol at some point. However, she expressed dismay when she heard that deputies supposedly discovered four young people drinking, including a 9-year-old. While there were allegedly several youths who admitted drinking, at this point one 18-year-old is facing underage drinking charges. The deputies

Search Warrant or Exception Required For ‘Mandatory’ Blood Draw

A search warrant or recognized constitutional exception to the warrant requirement is required for law enforcement authorities to conduct a blood draw for the purposes of testing the alcohol content or toxicology of a suspect’s blood. Under laws passed by the Tennessee legislature, a blood draw may be ‘mandatory’ under certain statutory circumstances when a

Failed sobriety test leads to arrest for Tennessee DUI

Tennessee officials responded to a report concerning a hit-and-run accident. The man whom police eventually charged is alleged to have a failed sobriety test along with exhibiting signs of possible inebriation. Supposedly, this driver has a prior history of DUI convictions. The incident reportedly occurred shortly before 3 a.m. on a recent Saturday. A bystander apparently witnessed

Tennessee grand jury indicts man on vehicular homicide charges

Tennessee law enforcement officers responded to the scene of a serious traffic accident this past July. Recently, a grand jury indicted the driver on vehicular homicide charges. He was allegedly driving intoxicated. After the indicted was announced, the 28-year-old man presented himself to the authorities and was taken into custody with a $75,000 bond set. The accident occurred along a local road around

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