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Tennessee driver faces multiple charges, including drunk driving

Tennessee police recently responded to a serious traffic accident along a local highway in the early morning hours. During the investigation, they apparently suspected that the driver of one of the vehicles was intoxicated. That driver is now facing multiple charges, including one for drunk driving.

The accident was purportedly caused when the 22-year-old man was traveling south on the north side of the highway. His larger SUV then smashed head-on into an oncoming car that was traveling in the correct direction. The SUV then continued on and struck a third automobile.

The two occupants of the second car were trapped, and they each required extrication from the wreckage. Both suffered critical injuries in the collision. Once freed from the car, they were both taken for medical care. Reportedly, the driver of the third car was not hurt. According to police, the charged driver was apparently unable to stand without stumbling and supposedly appeared to be intoxicated.

Tennessee officials also claim that they found an open container of alcohol in the passenger compartment of the SUV. The driver was charged with two counts of vehicular assault while driving under the influence, as well as several other violations in connection with the accident. He will likely consult with his defense team as to the best legal strategy going forward regarding the drunk driving accusations. While preparing his defense against these charges he may also explore any options offered by the prosecutor by means of a plea agreement — if any — in order to pursue the best outcome possible in this serious matter.

Source:, “Seymour man charged in head-on collision; two critically injured“, Hayes Hickman, Oct. 27, 2014

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