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2 arrested on drug charges after Tennessee traffic stop

Most people want to avoid any major upset in their lives. Unfortunately, avoiding many upsetting scenarios is not possible. In some cases, individuals may find themselves facing difficulties because they are pulled over by police and a traffic stop results in drug charges.

This type of situation recently affected two people in Tennessee. According to reports, an officer pulled over an SUV for speeding and suspected that there were drugs in the vehicle. The officer allegedly smelled marijuana and asked the occupants of the vehicle — a man and a woman, both 39 years old — to give him any marijuana in the vehicle. The woman allegedly gave the officer marijuana that was in her purse. The officer then searched the vehicle and purportedly found 3 pounds of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Officers later went to the man’s home and reportedly discovered methamphetamine, THC cartridges and Xanax pills. At the time of the report, the man was still in custody facing multiple drug-related charges, and the woman had been released on bond. It was not mentioned what specific charges either person is facing.

Dealing with drug charges is not an easy situation to face. The charges themselves and any resulting consequences can cause major upset to anyone’s life. In efforts to mitigate those repercussions as much as possible, these Tennessee residents may want to thoroughly review their criminal defense options. It is important that they remember that they both have their own case to address and the options that may seem best for one party may not necessarily suit the other’s case.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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