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2 indicted women may seek skilled criminal defense

A grand jury indicted two women following an alleged burglary spree in southern Tennessee. The women are both 25 years old and reportedly live at the same address. They are facing charges of aggravated theft and burglary, including multiple charges of receiving stolen property, ranging from first- to fourth-degree along with drug paraphernalia possession. After the indictment, they will likely seek legal counsel to handle the criminal defense process.

According to the investigator, this case is unusual because the women did not sell the stolen items as is usually the case when burglars take personal property of others. Instead, they used the items and wore the clothes. According to court documents, they entered homes and cars when owners were not around and took things such as clothes, laptops and more.

Further allegations say the accused women drove around with the particular intention of identifying homes with absent owners and cars containing valuables in the parking garages of apartment buildings. During a search of their home, many of the items that were reported as stolen were identified and found hanging on walls and in their closets. Reportedly, the location of the women was revealed by the IP address of an alleged stolen laptop that they were using. This was what led to their arrest.

One of the two accused women remains detained, while the other one has paid bail and is out of jail. They are awaiting their arraignment, which is scheduled for a date in August. In the meantime, they will likely each work with an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney to devise a defense strategy that may lead to the best possible outcome for both.

Source:, “2 women indicted on theft, drug charges“, Tom Smith, Aug. 12, 2017

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