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2 men facing drug charges in Tennessee may want to review options

In the event that someone faces serious criminal charges, he or she may view the situation as a nightmare. Understandably, dealing with drug charges or any type of legal issue can feel frightening and confusing, and parties who do not fully understand their rights and options may wonder whether they could be taken advantage of. Luckily, parties do have choices for obtaining information and assistance with such a predicament.

Two men in Tennessee may soon be hoping to effectively handle their cases after recently being charged. Reports stated that the first man was involved in the situation after he allegedly sold methamphetamine to an undercover agent working with the county sheriff’s department. That man had purportedly obtained the drugs from a second man, and the second man later picked up the agent in order to conduct another drug sale.

After that alleged transaction, the second man reportedly became suspicious of the agent and pushed him out of the moving vehicle. The agent was taken to a medical facility due to injuries. Two days later, police investigators reportedly searched a home in which the first man was located and found drug paraphernalia. As a result, that man is currently facing charges for possession, selling drugs and conspiracy. The second man has had allegations of selling drugs, conspiracy, kidnapping and attempted murder leveled against him.

The drug charges and other serious allegations that the Tennessee men are facing may have them reeling. They may want to learn more about the charges themselves as well as their potential criminal defense options. Though the men were charged in connecting events, each man will certainly want to assess his case and make the best legal decisions possible for his individual situation.

Source:, “Undercover agent pushed from moving vehicle, 2 arrested in Weakley Co., TN“, Alycia Dobrinick, Aug. 11, 2017

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