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2 taken into custody in Tennessee for white collar crimes

Most people have heard of fraudulent schemes or possibly even fallen victim to such schemes themselves. On the other hand, some parties may be accused of participating in white collar crimes, like fraud, for their own financial gain. Of course, accusations of such criminal activity are serious, and individuals facing federal charges could be at risk of severe consequences.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody on federal charges in Tennessee. The 51-year-old man is a dentist and the 43-year-old woman worked for his dental practice as the practice administrator. According to reports, the two committed fraudulent acts relating to health care benefits. Some of those alleged acts include providing false dates of service, billing for dental work that was not completed or performed and making false claims.

The report also stated that the man and woman told their employees to lie if they faced questions from insurance companies and to not raise questions about billing practices. They also purportedly fired employees who did bring up questions. Now, the man is facing a charge for conspiracy to commit health care fraud, and the woman is charged with seven counts of health care fraud and one count of conspiracy.

Undoubtedly, these accused individuals want to come out of this predicament in the best light possible. Of course, achieving that goal may not be easy. Fortunately, the man and woman can each explore defense options to find the best possible avenues for their separate cases and gain information on white collar crimes. Utilizing Tennessee legal resources may help them with such an endeavor.

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