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3 common college drug crimes

College is an exciting time of growth and learning, but for many, it is also a time of testing boundaries and making mistakes. This is certainly true for students in Knoxville who are experiencing newfound independence along with the pressures of college. These dynamics can lead well-intentioned students to engage in drug-related indiscretions that carry the potential for serious legal consequences.

If your son or daughter is in this situation, there is recourse available to fight criminal charges and protect their future. In the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with the following three examples of drug crimes that college students are often particularly susceptible to:

Drug possession

For many students, college is the first time in their lives that they are exposed to drugs of any kind. Drugs are commonly found at parties, in dorm rooms, at concerts and at other social events. It is easy to go along with peers and partake, but being caught with illegal drugs is likely to land a student with a possession charge. Additionally, many colleges impose additional penalties on students facing this charge.

Trafficking or distribution

A possession charge can easily escalate into a trafficking or distribution charge if there is any suspected intent to sell. It is important to remember that illegal drugs are not the only ones that can be grounds for such charges. According to The Tab, many students buy and sell prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Vyvanse during midterms and finals to assist with concentration. This, too, can easily land your student with a trafficking or distribution charge.

Driving under the influence

Many people mistakenly assume that a DUI charge can only be the result of drinking and driving. On the contrary, there are many drugs—including legal prescriptions—that impair a person’s ability to drive and lead to a DUI charge. Students who are under a lot of stress and pressure might be particularly susceptible to such a mistake, and the consequences can seriously impact their personal and academic futures.

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