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4 facing drug charges after search at motel

A person’s life choices can take him or her down many paths. In some cases, certain decisions could lead to more difficult paths than others, including experiencing incidents that lead to criminal charges. In particular, some individuals may have drug charges brought against them and wind up with the obligation of addressing those charges in court.

It was recently reported that four individuals in Tennessee have had drug-related charges brought against them. Apparently, the individuals were at a motel when authorities were reportedly alerted to a suspicious vehicle in the motel parking lot. When deputies arrived at the location, they purportedly saw two men sitting in a parked vehicle. Officers discovered that one of the men had a warrant for his arrest, and both men were asked to exit the vehicle. A police K-9 allegedly indicated that drugs were in the vehicle as well as in the vehicle in the next parking spot.

Authorities searched the men’s vehicle and reportedly discovered 2 pounds of methamphetamine and a handgun. After one of the men stated that they had come to the motel to see a friend, authorities went to the room, which was occupied by two people. A woman purportedly stated that she owned the vehicle parked next to the men. Officers then searched that vehicle and the hotel room and say they found methamphetamine, marijuana and a revolver. All four individuals were taken into custody on drug-related charges.

Before the individuals arrested in this Tennessee event jump to conclusions about their cases, they may want to ensure that they understand exactly what type of legal predicaments they face. Though they each are facing drug charges, they may face different allegations, and knowing what those allegations mean and the possible consequences could prove useful to them. It is also wise for each person to remember that he or she has an individual case separate from the others and to make choices on a personal level.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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