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A failed sobriety test usually results in DUI arrest

Over any holiday weekend, it is likely many drivers are pulled over on suspicion of impaired driving. Tennessee officers reported charging several drivers over New year’s weekend after they reportedly exhibited signs of intoxication, and three allegedly each had a failed sobriety test that was administered on the scene. All of the accused drivers are awaiting further court proceedings.

The first driver, a 21-year-old, was stopped by officers after purportedly exceeding the posted speed limit by 15 mph. Once he was pulled over, Tennessee Highway Patrol officers claimed to have observed physical signs of intoxication as well as the odor of marijuana. The driver initially refused to consent to a blood alcohol test, and he supposedly could not successfully complete a sobriety test on the scene. A search of the vehicle allegedly revealed the presence of drug residue.

The second driver was also stopped after police say he exceeded the speed limit by 23 mph. Arresting officers reportedly observed signs of intoxication. Reportedly, he did not consent to blood testing and also allegedly could not complete the sobriety test. He was subsequently charged with a second-offense DUI. The third driver was arrested after allegedly failing to stop at a checkpoint, and she was afterwards charged with driving under the influence after failing a field test for sobriety.

The fourth driver was arrested after allegedly engaging in reckless driving and exhibiting intoxication symptoms after being pulled over, after which the 43-year-old man supposedly admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol and consented to a blood test. All of the accused drivers are entitled to a strong defense and will have right to challenge any evidence that the Tennessee prosecutors intend to present to a criminal court. As each driver faces his or her own consequences if convicted, each one will understandably seek the best resolution applicable to his or her situation. One aspect that a criminal defense may focus on is the questionable validity of an allegedly failed sobriety test that was administered by arresting officers, particularly in view of fact that the results of these tests are not always accurate.

Source:, “Several Charged With DUI After Toasting In The New Year“, Ken Little, Jan. 2, 2015

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