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A Tennessee drunk driving charge could get costly

When a person has been charged with a DUI or similar offense, there could be many consequences, especially if the state were to gain a conviction. However, one of the harsher penalties associated with a drunk driving charge is the monetary cost. Furthermore, Tennessee laws have increasingly hefty costs with subsequent charges.

After a study found that Chattanooga was just one place shy of tenth for fatal drunk driving accidents, it may not be surprising to find out that insurance rates for a driver who is convicted of a DUI may increase by hundreds of dollars a year according to national rates. Along with increased payments for mandatory insurance, the financial costs of the charge itself may be heavy. A test for blood alcohol levels runs about $250, not to mention the amount to be paid for towing and possible court fees, including bail.

Along with those costs, if the driver rightfully seeks to defend against the charge, that cost must be budgeted as well. If a conviction is secured by the state, there will be the assessed fines to be paid. On top of these amounts, there is the possibility of lost employment if multiple convictions have resulted in jail time.

Overall, it is estimated that drunk driving charges cost the country billions of dollars a year. The individual cost for a Tennessee resident could cost several thousand dollars, depending on the particular circumstances. However, not all charges are valid, and anyone who is facing them is entitled to launch a strong defense in order to clear his or her name. It would behoove anyone so accused to educate themselves in order to understand the procedures of challenging evidence and confronting their accusers in a court of law when appropriate.

Source:, “The financial cost of getting a DUI“, Chloe Morrison, Aug. 4, 2014

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