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After attempted murder charge, criminal defense info may help man

Legal predicaments can happen to anyone. In some cases, the problems may relate to civil issues, but for others, criminal charges may be leveled against them. In criminal cases, the situation may seem much more anxiety-inducing as jail time is often a potential part of sentencing if a conviction takes place. However, criminal defense strategies could be utilized in hopes of avoiding such an outcome.

One man in Tennessee was recently taken into custody on criminal charges after an alleged shooting involving a police officer. Reports stated that the officer had been attempting to stop the man’s vehicle when the suspect purportedly began firing shots at the officer. After the vehicle came to a stop, the man reportedly shot several more rounds. It was noted that a handgun and a shotgun were allegedly used.

The officer took at least one shot to his shoulder. At the time of the report, he had been released from the hospital. The suspect had apparently left the scene and was later located at a residence, which he reportedly set on fire in efforts to further elude police. Despite this attempt, the man was taken into custody on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer.

Now that the man is facing such serious criminal allegations, he will certainly want to understand his defense options. Though he may not have all the information he desires at this time, he could make efforts to obtain more knowledge on his legal options by utilizing local Tennessee legal resources. A meaningful criminal defense can help him work toward the outcomes he desires.

Source:, “Man accused of shooting KPD officer arrested in Blount County“, Jan. 14, 2018

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