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Alleged drunk driving at the center of a car dragging incident

Typically, when most Tennessee drivers get behind the wheel, they practice safe driving practices. However, there are times when drivers make mistakes that can potentially lead to an accident. One mistake that some drivers make is drunk driving, which can be both financially and emotionally costly. A recent incident was reportedly the result of drunk driving.

Reportedly, a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer attempted to prevent a driver from driving off during a traffic stop. The driver managed to resist the officer’s efforts and drove off with the officer reportedly being dragged a short distance down Interstate 75. A witness claimed she heard five or six gunshots. The officer reportedly fired into the vehicle, but neither the driver nor his two passengers reported injuries.

One of the passengers, said to be 19 years old, left the vehicle and called the police. He was subsequently taken into custody. The vehicle was reportedly found later with the other two occupants in the nearby woods, where they were both taken into custody. Police are investigating the situation and collecting evidence for the both scenes, but officials report that none of the suspects had warrants at the time the driver was pulled over for a possible DUI.

Drunk driving is preventable and has potentially deadly consequences. In Tennessee, it is also a serious offense, and a conviction comes with serious repercussions. It is important that those who face possible drunk driving charges understand their legal rights. The specific charges against each individual arrested in this incident were not detailed, and it is not known if the 50-year-old driver submitted to a breath test or a blood draw after being apprehended. As this case heads to a criminal courtroom, each defense counsel will need to carefully scrutinize the arrest record in order to determine the best approach to represent the interests of their respective client.

Source:, “Tennessee Highway Patrol officer dragged by car on I-75 in Loudon County“, Jill McNeal, May 2, 2014

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