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Alleged drunk driving leads to church van roll-over

The consequences of a conviction for drunk driving in Tennessee can affect not only the drunk driver, but also his or her family. The suspension of a driver’s license alone can cause numerous problems in an individual’s day-to-day life. In addition, a convicted drunk driver may face incarceration, high fines and an increase in vehicle insurance premiums. Drivers who are suspected of drunk driving may find comfort in knowing that they will be afforded the opportunity to defend themselves in court.

The driver of a pickup truck is facing several charges related to drunk driving and vehicular assault after she allegedly caused an accident on a recent Sunday morning. The Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper that was at the scene reported that a van that transported people to a church was southbound on Highway 18 when a pickup truck driver unexpectedly swerved across the center line from the northbound lanes. The van driver attempted to avoid a collision, but the vehicle was struck by the pickup truck. The collision caused the van to roll over.

There were 13 passengers in the church van, and 12 of them were injured and transported to hospitals in the area. However, two of those people suffered injuries severe enough to justify airlifting to a hospital in Memphis. It was reported that none of the people suffered life-threatening injuries,and at the time of the media report, only one passenger was still in the hospital.

Drivers who are accused of drunk driving typically benefit from consulting with an attorney who has experience in defending DUI charges. The circumstances of the accident, along with the legal procedures that took place during the arrest, will be scrutinized to identify any legal issues to address by motion before the court. Legal counsel will handle any negotiations that may take place should a plea agreement be an acceptable consideration under the circumstances, along with fighting for the best interests of the accused individual as the case makes its way through the Tennessee criminal justice system.

Source:, “Woman charged with DUI in church bus accident“, Tyler Whetstone, Dec. 22, 2014

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