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Blood alcohol content and your rights in Tennessee

The penalties for drunk driving in Tennessee are steep, and it is important for those facing charges to protect their rights by understanding the factors involved in their case. Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the measure used to determine how much alcohol is in a person’s system and could be grounds for an arrest if it is measured at .08 percent or higher. In some cases, a driver could face charges even if the BAC level is lower than .08 percent.

BAC is tested by two commonly employed methods, either through a Breathalyzer test or a blood test. While these tests are generally considered to be relatively accurate, it is possible that a person could be arrested due to a BAC reading that was incorrect. When a driver believes that a wrongful arrest has been made, it is critical to fight back with the help of an experienced drunk driving defense attorney.

In Tennessee, implied consent laws hold drivers accountable for refusing a breath, urine or blood test requested by a law enforcement officer. Refusal will result in administrative penalties, apart from the ones that could come with a DUI conviction. Even for a first time offender, a conviction can have a long-reaching effect in various areas of a person’s life.

Blood alcohol content levels determine if a driver is drunk according to the standards of Tennessee law. When a driver believes that he or she is the victim of a wrongful arrest or that personal rights were violated in along the way, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. Contact our office for an analysis of your case and suggestions regarding defense options.

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