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Bus driver charged with drunk driving while transporting children

A Tennessee bus driver is facing charges of drunk driving and reckless endangerment of 56 children. He was charged with drunk driving after he reportedly failed a sobriety test at a checkpoint, and law enforcement apparently found a vodka bottle in the bus. The bus was on the way to a football game at the time the arrest took place. The students were transported home on other buses.

The driver has been officially charged with reckless endangerment of children and driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle. He was also fired from his job. Understandably, a drunk driving arrest in Tennessee or elsewhere can have a long-reaching impact on many areas of life, including a person’s job.

Nevertheless, this man has not yet been convicted of any charges. He has the right to a defense and can pursue an acquittal, lesser charges or penalties by seeking the assistance of an experienced legal ally. A lawyer can help determine an optimal approach for an person’s defense, which may include challenging aspects of the prosecution’s case.

A drunk driving defense is based on the details of an individual case. A conviction could result in fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and more. It is important for a driver to seek defense help as soon as possible after an arrest in order to confront the accusations and possibly mitigate potentially serious penalties. Those charged with drunk driving are fully entitled to the protections of the law and should take steps to safeguard these rights.

Source:, “UPDATE: Charter bus driver fired after being arrested on DUI charges after driving students to game“, Dec. 7, 2015

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