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Charges for drunk driving stem from Tennessee interstate crash

When someone has a problem, he or she may not realize it until it is too late. Unfortunately, many individuals with alcohol dependence or abuse problems often do not understand the extent of the issue until they cause a serious accident. Not only does such an event often led to serious injuries, the driver will likely also face drunk driving charges.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing this type of situation. Reports indicated that the man had been driving on I-40 and going the wrong direction. As a result, his pickup truck collided with a tractor trailer. The crash occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m. That initial collision caused the semi to rotate and get struck by another big rig.

The pickup truck driver — who was reported as being 43 years old — was taken into custody on charges of driving under the influence. It was unclear whether any blood alcohol concentration tests were administered. Information on whether a bond had been set for the man was not available at the time of the report. More details may become available at a later time.

This Tennessee incident may have been the wakeup call the man needed to address any alcohol-related problems he may have. However, he must also contend with the criminal charges for drunk driving that have been brought against him. Information on criminal defense strategies and legal options that may be available to him could help him determine his most suitable courses of action. Creating and presenting a meaningful defense could allow him to work toward his desired outcomes.

Source:, “THP: Driver arrested for DUI after driving wrong way on I-40 in Crossville“, Jan. 18, 2018

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