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Country singer, Lynn Anderson, arrested on drunk driving charge

Those who have lived their life in the public eye may struggle to live up to the constant pressure created by their fans. Though some seem to avoid any negative publicity, the fact that they are still human beings may be overlooked by fans when a celebrity suffers a fall from the pedestal they are often placed upon. One woman may be currently feeling this pressure after her arrest in Tennessee on drunk driving charges.

Country singing legend Lynn Anderson was best known for her song “Rose Garden.” She may be more familiar than most, however, with the line that says life is not always easy. She was recently arrested after allegedly being involved in a wreck. At the time of her arrest, she was charged with operating her vehicle while impaired.

According to the report, the singer allegedly told the Tennessee officers that she had consumed alcohol and prescription pain medications earlier in the evening. She reportedly crashed her car, but no one was injured in the incident. There were no further details concerning the woman’s case.

The report indicated that the singer had been arrested in the past on drunk driving charges, but it did not state whether she had been convicted on any of the counts. She has purportedly issued an apology to her fans for the incident and has stated her intentions to receive treatment for any substance abuse problems. However, she has the right to be presumed innocent, and her defense counsel may work to ensure that any alleged statements were not given under duress or other questionable circumstances. Moreover, she is also entitled to a fair and impartial review of her case and to launch a strong defense against any charges.

Source:, “Lynn Anderson apologizes to fans following dui arrest“, , Sept. 12, 2014

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