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Criminal defense: Felony charges stem from buying stolen goods

When contending with serious criminal allegations, many people may feel at a loss. Certainly, it can be difficult to fully understand the particulars of the predicament, and it may seem even more challenging to determine the best criminal defense options to combat the charges. Often, a lack of information may make individuals feel as if they have no options, but fortunately, that is not typically the case.

Two men in Tennessee may find that obtaining more information on their specific cases will help them address allegations recently brought against them. Reports stated that the men had allegedly completed transactions with an undercover police officer that involved the officer selling the men stolen goods. Some of the products included alcoholic beverages, seafood, dog food and food stamp cards.

The officer reportedly told the men that the items were stolen, and the men purportedly went through with the purchases nonetheless. The items themselves totaled over $12,000, and the men allegedly used the EBT cards to make more than $1,700 in purchases. Authorities later apprehended the men, and they are currently facing felony charges for theft and food stamp fraud.

Felony charges can lead to steep consequences in the event that convictions take place. These Tennessee men may feel that they have no choice but to accept punishment, but that is not the case. As with any charges, these men have the opportunity to create criminal defense presentations if they wish to do so. Information on their options may help them determine what exact legal paths they may wish to follow in order to address the allegations.

Source:, “KCSO: 2 men charged with theft, food stamp fraud after undercover operation“, Feb. 28, 2018

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