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Criminal defense may help woman fight child endangerment charges

It is not unusual for individuals to carry out actions without fully thinking them through. They may simply think that they will be able to reach their desired end result by taking certain steps and not even really believe that they have done anything warranting criminal charges. Unfortunately, even if someone is not acting with malicious intent, they could still end up facing allegations and in need of a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that one woman in Tennessee has found herself in such a situation. Apparently, the woman had put two of her grandchildren in two separate pet kennels while driving them around in her vehicle. A video shows one of the children getting out of a kennel that was located in the back of the woman’s car. A neighbor apparently shot the video and handed it over to police.

Authorities presumably questioned the woman and the children involved in the incident. The woman purportedly stated that she used the kennels because there was no passenger space available in the car. The children, whose ages were given as 7 and 8 years old, reportedly told police that they became hot while in the kennels. It was noted that temperatures in the area were approximately 95 degrees, and there was no air conditioning in the back on the vehicle. As a result, the woman is currently facing two counts of child endangerment.

While the Tennessee woman undoubtedly did not wish to harm her grandchildren, she still faces a serious legal predicament. If convicted, the child endangerment charges could come with severe consequences. Fortunately, the woman can create and present a criminal defense against the allegations in hopes of working toward the best possible outcomes.

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