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Criminal defense tactics may help young man with serious charges

An arrest for any type of criminal charge at a young age can have an immense impact on a person’s life. Because a conviction can lead to severe punishment for serious accusations, it makes sense for an accused party to give his or her full attention to available criminal defense options. Having a meaningful defense could make a substantial difference in the outcomes of a case.

One young man in Tennessee will certainly want to make sure that he approaches his case in a manner with which he feels comfortable after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities were looking for the 19-year-old man after an incident in the parking lot of a Tennessee City Dollar General store. Apparently, the incident involved a shooting, and the man reportedly left the scene with three other individuals.

Police pursued the vehicle with the individuals inside, but apparently did not apprehend them. They say the young man was located hiding in the bed of a pickup truck a few days after the initial incident, and authorities arrested him. The charges he is currently facing in relation to the alleged shooting include aggravated robbery, attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault.

These allegations are serious, and this individual may feel immensely overwhelmed by the situation he faces. These feelings are understandable, especially for someone of his age. Fortunately, he does not have to move forward with his case without any useful information. If he wishes, he can use local Tennessee legal resources to obtain information about his criminal defense options.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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