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Criminal defense: Tennessee woman accused of murder

When faced with an authority figure — such as a police officer — many people do not know how to react. Because they may feel intimidated, they could potentially tell these people in a position of authority what they want to hear. Unfortunately, a woman in Tennessee is now facing charges and may be wondering about her criminal defense after she was accused of murder following questioning by police.

Reports indicate that the alleged victim was dropped off at a fire station, suffering from a bullet wound. Although he was transported to the hospital, he passed away. Police say that an investigation led them to the 19-year-old woman who has since been arrested.

Officials believe that the woman posted an ad online to sell a gun. They say that she and two men met with the now-deceased man at a home where he got into the car with them. While it is unclear what happened in the car, the woman — once found by investigators — reportedly told officials that the two men with her shot and robbed him as he fled the car. Police say the teenager admitted to posting the ad about the sale of the gun. She has since been taken into custody and faces charges of aggravated robbery and first degree murder.

Because many people in Tennessee are unfamiliar with how the criminal justice system works and the many protections that are in place to prevent unlawful treatment, they may be unsure how to respond to questions from officials. As a result, many people facing such charges seek advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Such a professional can guide them through the various stages associated with a crime, including during initial questioning.

Source:, “19-year-old behind bars, facing robbery and murder charges“, Shelby Sansone, March 5, 2018

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