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Dealing with a prescription in your vehicle

You may believe that driving around Tennessee with prescription drugs in your car will not result in trouble, but think again. While there are measures to take to help you if you should get in a jam, carrying your pills in your vehicle may spell trouble.

If a police officer stops you with reasonable cause to search your vehicle, the pills may hold you up. Understand how to handle the situation best and what may happen should an officer find them.

Transport in the original prescription bottle

First, you should never remove your pills from their container. Depending on the type of drugs they are, the classification may make them a controlled substance. If an officer finds these and you cannot prove they belong to you, then you may wind up with charges. Therefore, always keep them in the original prescription bottle, and never mix any other pills with them.

Do not let anyone else take possession

Something else to consider when transporting prescriptions is passengers in your vehicle. It may seem fine to allow passengers to hang on to the bottle, in a bag or even in the cup holder on their door. When a police officer sees the bottle, there is a chance he or she will assume the passenger has possession of the pills. This could prove troublesome for your passenger, especially if the drug is not in the original bottle with your name on it.

You may get a DUI if found under the influence

The type of drug may determine how the police handle things. If an officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving intoxicated or under the influence, finding a prescription may solidify the belief. How is that? Simple: If the prescription is something that may potentially affect your ability to operate a car, the officer may reasonably conclude the impairment suspicion is valid, and you may face criminal charges.

Doctors prescribe medication for various conditions. If you need them with you, then you must carry them. Keep the above in mind when doing so, to help understand what may happen in a traffic stop.

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