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Driver who killed Tennessee teen charged with vehicular homicide

One mother recently made the statement that if she had to imagine the worst thing to ever experience, she would not have thought it would involve losing her son. Unfortunately, she has had to endure just that unimaginable pain after her teen was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The driver who may have done so is now facing vehicular homicide charges in connection with this fatal Tennessee collision.

The boy was struck and killed in April as he was working to change a tire on the family’s car. It was parked alongside the road under the Interstate 24 overpass. His younger sister and his mother were also at the scene and witnessed the tragic event. The driver is alleged to have hit the 13-year-old and continued on without stopping to render aid.

The victim was taught by his father how to perform tasks such as changing a tire, and his mother had just taken a photograph of him doing so moments before he was struck. The family has expressed their appreciation to the community for the support they have received in light of this life-shattering accident. The driver, a 33-year-old woman, is facing several serious criminal charges at this time.

While the accused driver in this wreck has not made any comments regarding the accusations against her, she is most likely also struggling to comprehend the circumstances surrounding the vehicular homicide charges. Tennessee officials have said that her case would be forwarded on to the Grand Jury for consideration. This woman does have the right to fair and impartial proceedings as this case moves forward through the criminal justice system. It may also be to her benefit to gain an understanding of all applicable legal options for her defense as she works through what is understandably a difficult and trying time.

Source:, “Family of teen killed in hit-and-run on I-24 speaks out“, Julia Bruck, May 29, 2014

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