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Drug charges brought against men after Tennessee arrest

Though all situations that involve criminal charges are serious, the details of each incident could make some cases more serious than others. Even if parties face drug charges, the exact allegations with which they are charged can greatly affect their predicaments. Each person facing such accusations may want to take the time to understand what he or she is facing.

Two men will certainly want to become more knowledgeable regarding their situations after recently being taken into custody in Tennessee. Authorities believed that the men were involved in transporting a substantial amount of drugs into the state. It was unclear what raised suspicions about the drug trafficking or about the two men in particular.

Law enforcement officials apparently found the two men along with five pounds of a substance called MDA, which is also know as “Molly.” As a result, the 23-year old man and 36-year old man were taken into custody on various drug-related allegations. Both men were being held on $100,000 bond. It was not mentioned whether the two men had obtained legal representation. Additional information on the situation may become available at a later time.

In order to determine what legal avenues they may feel most comfortable utilizing to address the drug charges brought against them, obtaining reliable legal information could prove greatly beneficial. Each man has his own case to attend to and may make decisions that differ from one another. Additionally, information on criminal procedures in Tennessee for addressing their cases may help them as they move forward.

Source:, “2 arrested after Tennessee agents seize massive amount of ‘Molly’“, Travis Leder, Jan. 30, 2018

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