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Drug charges filed in Tennessee after meth found in vehicle

When faced with a potentially life-changing situation, most people like to consider their available choices. This consideration can be especially important when individuals are facing accusations of crimes. Drug charges can have immensely detrimental impacts on a person’s life, but a strong defense could help possibly keep those impacts to a minimum.

Three individuals in Tennessee were recently taken into custody on drug-related charges and other allegations after a traffic stop. It was unclear what caused the officer to stop the vehicle, but a K9 unit was called to the scene. The police dog allegedly signaled that there were illicit substances in the vehicle. During a search, officers purportedly uncovered 300 grams of methamphetamine, $900 in cash and a stolen weapon.

There were three people in the car at the time of the stop. The driver of the vehicle was a 54-year-old woman, and she is currently facing charges for criminal impersonation after giving a false identification, the sale and delivery of more than 50 grams of methamphetamine, and other allegations. A 25-year-old passenger was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant, and a 50-year-old male passenger was arrested on possession of methamphetamine.

Because each person is facing different allegations, it is important that they each consider their individual options for addressing their cases. Because convictions for drug charges can come with steep penalties, depending on the specific allegations, it may prove wise for the woman and man to understand the different charges brought against them. Utilizing local Tennessee legal resources to gain such information may prove beneficial.

Source:, “Three jailed after Bristol, TN police find more than 300 grams of meth“, May 17, 2018

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