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Drug trafficking defense options for you to consider

If you use an illegal drug in Knoxville, there is the possibility that law enforcement will apprehend you and charge you with a drug trafficking offense. This charge is usually in addition to a possession offense. The penalties for charges of this nature are very harsh. They can make it harder for you to achieve your education and career goals, and wreak havoc on your housing and relationship situations.

It may seem as if you have no way to avoid the consequences of your actions. However, there are some drug trafficking defense tactics that might apply to your situation to lessen the penalties you face and their impact on your life. Here is a brief overview of possible defense strategies for your situation.

Not aware of the situation

No matter the evidence the prosecution has against you, it may be possible for you to prove your innocence by claiming you were not aware of the situation. Of course, doing so may require you to plead guilty to a lesser drug charge which can still have a damaging effect on your life. Bear in mind that this can be very hard for you to prove without proper supporting evidence.

In the wrong place at the wrong time 

Innocent people receive penalties every day for the wrongdoings of others. Common wrong place, wrong time scenarios include that you were dropping your friend off and were not aware they had a large amount of drugs in your vehicle that they refused to claim ownership of, or that you were visiting someone’s home when law enforcement came and arrested everyone on the scene.

No probable cause 

Law enforcement does not always follow the letter of the law when apprehending an offender. They must have probable cause before they can formally charge you with a crime. If you are arrested and charged without probable cause, and you can prove it, the courts may reduce or throw out your charges.

Drug trafficking charges are difficult to beat, especially if you attempt to build your defense strategy on your own. To avoid complications and improve your circumstances, you might want to speak with an attorney to learn defense strategies.

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