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Drunk driving and vehicular assault charges filed after wrecks

A Tennessee woman is facing multiple vehicle charges after a series of events unfolded on Jan. 20 in West Nashville. Police reports allege that the driver, a 41-year-old resident of Ashland City, was involved in two wrecks on the same day. The woman was apprehended at the site of the second accident where it is said she was trying to flee the scene. Charges, including drunk driving and vehicular assault, have been filed.

A reported incident of a hit-and-run dispatched police to the location of the first incident where information was provided regarding the involvement of a silver Nissan Altima. The car was seen proceeding toward Nashville with significant damages. Statements given at the scene indicated that the results of the wreck had caused the driver to stick her head out of the driver’s side window in order to navigate the car since the hood had been pushed back so far as to limit visibility out of the windshield.

Arriving at the scene of the second wreck, police purportedly found the woman drinking from a box of wine while also ramming an SUV again and again in an attempt to flee the scene. The wine container is said to have been less than half full, and two empty airplane-size liquor bottles were claimed to have been found in a door compartment. The woman allegedly said that she had not been drinking, did not know where she was and had no memory of the incidents.

DUI charges have been filed, along with charges of violation of the open container law and assault with a deadly weapon. In Tennessee, a conviction on the drunk driving charge alone could result in jail time up to 11 months and 29 days. Fines and driver’s license suspensions are also possible. When a person is facing charges like these, a careful and thorough examination of the case by an attorney with focus on Tennessee’s drunk driving laws can help to create an aggressive defense that could possibly reduce or jail time and the other penalties that could result from a conviction.

Source: Green Hills TN Patch, “Emptied Wine Box, Airplane Bottles Found in Car After Multiple West Nashville Wrecks“, J.R. Lind, Jan. 15, 2017

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