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Drunk driving charge filed against man after Tennessee collision

Any accident can have serious outcomes. When a person is accused of drunk driving in a deadly accident, the incident can be beyond serious for everyone involved. Because fatal DUI crashes can come with steeper charges and possible penalties, it is important for individuals accused in such events to understand their legal options.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash with alcohol as a suspected factor occurred in Tennessee. Apparently, a man driving a car did not stop at a red light, which resulted in his vehicle colliding with a van at the intersection. The man, who was reported as being 27 years old, was apparently the only occupant of the car, and there were at least two individuals in the van.

A passenger in the van was thrown out of the vehicle during the crash, and she suffered fatal injuries. The report indicated that she was 49 years old. It was unclear whether the driver of the van was injured. The man driving the car was taken into custody and is currently facing charges for second offense DUI, vehicular homicide and other allegations. It was not mentioned whether he was still in custody at the time of the report, but his bond was set at $300,000.

When a person is accused in a fatal drunk driving accident, he or she may need all the help available. The man facing accusations in this Tennessee case will undoubtedly want to ensure that he understands his criminal defense options and how to put his best foot forward as his case proceeds. Obtaining information from local legal resources may allow him to make sure he gains reliable and applicable knowledge.

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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