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Drunk driving charge results in Tennessee detective’s resignation

Marks on a person’s criminal record could have impacts on various areas of his or her life. In particular, accusations of drunk driving can impact employment, driving ability and numerous other facets of individuals’ lives, and these negative repercussions could follow people for some time. Though each person has the right to defend against criminal charges for DUI, even simply being accused could have negative impacts.

One man in Tennessee recently resigned from his position as a detective after being charged with DUI. Reports stated that the man had allegedly been driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 40 when he was stopped by police. After being stopped, officers allegedly noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the man, which purportedly became more noticeable when he spoke.

The man apparently underwent field sobriety tests, which he reportedly did not pass. As a result, he was taken into custody. He is currently facing charges for DUI and driving on the wrong side of the road. It was noted that the man had worked for the sheriff’s office for 16 years before turning in his resignation.

Though the drunk driving charge has already had impacts on the man’s employment, he still has options for defending against the allegations. With a meaningful defense, he may have the ability to work toward outcomes for his case that he finds agreeable. Information on his options may help him determine how he feels most comfortable moving forward, and utilizing local Tennessee legal resources may help him obtain the most accurate knowledge.

Source:, “Veteran Roane County Sheriff’s Office detective resigns after DUI arrest“, Travis Dorman, Nov. 27, 2017

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