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Drunk driving charges can put a damper on college life

Many college students in Tennessee and throughout the nation enjoy time away from studies with their friends. Going out for a bite to eat, or imbibing in a drink or two, provides entertainment and stress relief from academic pressures during the school year. Those remaining on campus during the holidays may be at risk for drunk driving if their choices don’t align with avoidance.

Having to call home and tell parents one has been arrested for DUI would obviously be an unpleasant experience. Anyone in such circumstances may be worried about trying to avoid conviction in order to stay out of jail. There are other less apparent negative consequences that often arise following a DUI arrest, especially where college students are concerned.

Various fines and fees may add financial stress to an already difficult situation. For students struggling to make ends meet and pay tuition, this type of problem may cause them to have to put their education on hold until they get back on track. Many people fail to realize a drunk driving conviction is not a traffic offense but a crime. The stigma of having a criminal record causes many people to suffer great anxiety.

Aside from the obvious ways to avoid drunk driving charges (such as not consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel or designating someone else to drive) college students and other adults in Tennessee may wonder where to turn for support when problems arise. A first logical step to take is to request assistance from a criminal defense attorney. Such guidance often increases the chances of obtaining positive results in court.

Source:, “DUI Arrest and Academic Attrition“, Kevin M. Thompson, Katie Richardson, Accessed on Nov. 23, 2016

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