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Drunk driving charges filed against law enforcement officer

An employee of the Tennessee Department of Corrections is facing a DUI charge after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The woman is employed as a probation and parole officer, and she is currently on restrictive duty as the drunk driving case is still under investigation. After she was booked into a Knox County jail, she was released on bond.

The car accident occurred as the woman hit a car that was slowing down on the ramp at the Interstate 75 and Interstate 640 interchange. Tennessee law enforcement officials arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, and according to reports, the driver allegedly showed signs of impairment. She is said to have had the smell of alcohol on her breath and was supposedly slurring her speech.

The TDOC officer agreed to submit to a Breathalyzer, and the results showed that her blood alcohol content was 0.192 percent. As she has not yet been convicted of the drunk driving charges, she would be wise to begin to work on an appropriate defense strategy with her attorney. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to mitigate the potential penalties that an individual is facing when charged with this type of crime.

Tennessee has some of the harshest drunk driving penalties in the country, and a conviction can have life-altering consequences. Any individual who has been charged with this crime could benefit from the help of an experienced defense attorney in order to protect both personal rights and long-term interests. After a case evaluation, appropriate options can be identified and pursued.

Source:, “TDOC officer arrested on DUI charge“, Oct. 21, 2016

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