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Drunk driving, other allegations lead to arrests in Tennessee

Virtually anyone can end up in a situation where an officer accuses the individual of committing a crime. Even if that individual never thought this type of scenario was possible personally, anyone could become a suspect. Drunk driving is a common event that leads to serious charges, and an officer could suspect intoxication for numerous reasons.

Two men in Tennessee are currently facing this type of predicament. Reports stated that an officer became suspicious and stopped a vehicle driven by one of the men after he was allegedly driving in a reckless manner while in a parking lot. Purportedly, the man drove away while the officer was attempting to check his driver’s license. The officer pursued the vehicle and reportedly discovered it after it had crashed in a different area.

Of the two men in the vehicle, one reportedly tried to leave the scene. The officer was able to apprehend him after using a Taser. That man was taken into custody on charges of evading arrest and unlawful possession of a weapon. The other man was also taken into custody, and he was reportedly the driver of the vehicle. He is currently facing allegations of DUI, evading arrest and other charges.

When drunk driving allegations also come with other charges, the situation can be difficult to handle. Anyone driving in Tennessee could face a DUI charge if an officer suspects intoxication, even someone who has not been drinking. Because of this possibility, individuals who do face such circumstances may want to prepare for their cases by understanding their rights, the charges brought against them, correct arrest procedures and other pertinent information.

Source:, “2 men charged following Jefferson City chase ending in crash, police say“, March 13, 2018

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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