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Drunk driving, other charges leveled against Tennessee man

Facing any kind of criminal charges could seriously impede a person’s life. When an accusation of drunk driving that caused severe injuries is leveled against an individual, he or she may feel particularly concerned about what effect those charges could have. Luckily, parties in this type of situation do have options when it comes to learning more about their particular circumstances and how to potentially address their cases.

One man in Tennessee will likely be hoping to gain reliable information after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle when he was unable to keep the car on the road. As a result, he purportedly struck two teenage boys who were leaving a convenience store. The man’s vehicle apparently came to a stop in a creek.

The situation reportedly caused the teenagers to suffer serious injuries that left them in critical condition. It was unclear whether the man suffered any injuries in the incident. Nonetheless, he was taken into custody on charges of second-offense DUI, vehicular assault and driving on a revoked license.

The drunk driving and other allegations brought against this Tennessee man may have him feeling serious concerns for his future. In order to prepare for his case, he will undoubtedly want to look into various defense options that could apply to his particular situation. In order to ensure that the knowledge he gains is reliable, he may wish to utilize local legal resources to better understand the allegations brought against him as well as his legal rights.

Source:, “Accused drunk driver hits, critically injures students in Hendersonville“, Aug. 17, 2017

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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