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DUI allegations leveled against University of Tennessee pitcher

It can be a very serious matter when an underaged individual is accused of drunk driving. Such an allegation can lead to an underaged individual facing criminal charges, such as DUI charges and underage drinking charges. Impactful criminal punishments can be given to an individual if he or she is convicted of such charges.

There are other consequences being accused of drunk driving can lead to an underaged individual facing, such as school-related consequences or school athletics-related consequences.

Recently, a case involving allegations of drunk driving and underage drinking has arisen in Tennessee. The case involves a 19-year-old man. The man is a student of the University of Tennessee and he is a pitcher for the university’s baseball team.

Reportedly, early Sunday morning, the man was driving a car along Interstate 275 in Knoxville. According to authorities, the man repeatedly crossed the interstate’s lane lines. Police then pulled the man over.

Reportedly, during this traffic stop, police conducted field sobriety tests on the man. The man allegedly did poorly on these tests.

This illustrates how police will sometimes use field sobriety tests in their DUI enforcement/investigation efforts.

Charges of underage possession of alcoholic beverages and DUI have been brought against the man in connection to the above-mentioned incident.

Reportedly, the athletic department of the University of Tennessee is currently in the process of looking into the incident. One wonders if any disciplinary actions will ultimately be taken by the university or the university’s athletic department against the man in connection to the incident.

Source: The Knoxville News Sentinel, “Vols pitcher Owenby arrested on DUI charge,” April 15, 2013

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