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DUI campaign issued in Tennessee to crack down on drunk driving

With Labor Day just around the corner, Tennessee residents are likely already making their plans for the long holiday weekend. Many have already taken off work, bought hot dogs and hamburgers to grill and are preparing for a fun-filled weekend. It also likely means that many people will be purchasing alcohol, which typically leads to an increase in intoxicated drivers on the road – whether intentionally or not – and the potential for drunk driving charges.

Tennessee began a campaign on Aug. 19 that will run through Labor Day, which is Sept. 7. The initiative is known as “Booze It and Lose It.” Throughout the state in 2014, there were roughly 18 drunk driving-related crashes a day, on average. Therefore, during the time of the campaign, officers will be out more frequently looking for drivers who are under the influence.

If convicted of a DUI here in Tennessee, individuals are potentially looking at jail time and/or a fine of $5,000 or more. Convicted individuals may also face an increase in their auto insurance premiums and may find it more difficult to find gainful employment. This is particularly true when it comes to jobs that require a solid driving history. One may also lose his or her driving privileges, which can make it difficult to seek work, perform daily tasks outside of the home and even get children to and from school.

This Tennessee “Booze It and Lose It” campaign is aimed at reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road. However, not all individuals who are arrested and charged with drunk driving are guilty. Any person here in Tennessee who is accused of drinking and driving maintains the right to defend themselves against the DUI charges and is presumed innocent until and only if proven guilty by appropriate evidence that meets a stringent measure of proof.

Source:, “Tennessee, Arkansas ramp up DUI campaigns around Labor Day“, Kelsey Ott, Aug. 17, 2015

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