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Failure to move over ends in drunk driving arrest

The flashing lights and blaring sirens of a police car can be intimidating. It is easy for an individual to become startled and do the wrong thing in this instance. Recently, a Tennessee woman was in front of a police car that was actually on its way to an accident scene. Perhaps in a panic because of a previous drunk driving conviction and the fact that her license had been revoked, she continued to drive on.

According to a spokesperson for the local sheriff’s department, a 31-year-old woman was driving a small car when a sheriff’s cruiser came up behind her. Rather than move over to allow the car to pass, she apparently sped up. At that point, the sheriff behind her decided to follow her instead of responding to the accident.

The deputy claims the woman continued to drive faster. The chase ended when she crashed into another car. This crash resulted in injuries to the three occupants of the other vehicle. The now accused woman was apprehended a short distance from her car and charged with a variety of traffic related issues, including drunk driving as a second offense.

As a possible repeat drunk driving offender, this Tennessee woman could be facing stiff monetary penalties as well as a possible prison term if she is ultimately found guilty of the criminal charges. A defense which focuses upon possible legal challenges to the evidence prosecutors seek to use in support of the charges may be essential. Additionally, the defense team may choose to explore the possibility of a plea agreement while it also continues to demand that prosecutors prove their case in court. In some cases, an effective defense in the face of substantial evidence may convince the prosecution to offer a plea agreement that limits the risks a defendant may otherwise face if a conviction is secured.

Source:, “Maryville woman, 31, charged after evading police“, J.J. Kindred and Wes Wade, April 17, 2014

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