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Federal charges brought against health care facility in Tennessee

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Though many steps need to take place before formal charges are filed, individuals facing federal charges need to take their situations as seriously as possible. It is important to remember that when facing any charges, individuals have their own interests to look out for.

It was recently reported that employees at a health services facility in Tennessee have been accused of committing fraud related to TennCare. Apparently, the facility is accused of filing fraudulent claims for Medicaid patients in efforts to receive payments stemming from a program that allows the facility to obtain a certain amount of money per Medicaid patient visit. Participating in the program meant that the facility would provide services to all individuals, even if they could not pay.

The activity was apparently initially brought to attention by a whistleblower, and the state recently intervened in the case by filing charges against the facility and its president and CEO. Apparently, the facility obtained over $6 million by claiming to provide services to Medicaid patients when they did not. The state is pursuing more than $18 million in damages.

Federal charges for fraud are serious matters, and the parties involved in this Tennessee case may be feeling a great deal of stress over their current predicaments. Of course, any accused parties have the right to defend against criminal allegations as they see fit. It may prove beneficial for these parties to obtain reliable legal information about the particular charges they face and their defense options.

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