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Federal charges leveled in Tennessee criminal case

When individuals are charged with multiple criminal offenses, they may understandably feel overwhelmed. In instances where fraud, drug charges and other allegations come together, the conditions tend to make for complex cases. Fortunately, individuals do not have to deal with state or federal charges on their own.

Five men in Tennessee will undoubtedly want to make sure they obtain the right information on how they could deal with their cases after recently being charged. Reports stated that the individuals allegedly used the stolen identities of doctors and dentists to distribute prescription drugs. The operation purportedly involved providing fraudulent prescriptions to individuals using the stolen identities of patients. Those parties would then take the prescriptions to pharmacies in order to receive oxycodone.

It was unclear what caused the men to come under suspicion or what led to their arrests. Reports stated that the oldest individual taken into custody was 37 years old, and the youngest was 23 years old. They are currently facing several allegations, including wire fraud, drug conspiracy and aggravated identity theft. It was unclear whether the men were still in custody at the time of the report or if any bond amounts had been set.

Federal charges involve serious allegations, and the men accused in this Tennessee case could face severe consequences if they are convicted of the charges brought against them. Because they undoubtedly want to avoid the harshest punishments, they may want to explore their legal options. Creating and presenting meaningful criminal defenses may help them work toward the best possible outcomes for their cases.

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