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Felony DUI carries harsh penalties

Over the past few years, many states have renewed efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road and to educate the public about the dangers of driving after only one or two drinks. Legislators and safety advocates have long believed that strict penalties work to deter people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Tennessee proves its determination to fight drunk driving with harsh penalties for convictions. A felony DUI arrest is a serious matter.

From New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, birthdays, weddings and other events, there may be a lot to celebrate throughout the year. Many of those celebrations involve alcohol. It is widely known that, after a few drinks, it becomes more difficult to make good decisions. If a person has not planned ahead for transportation, he or she may end up on the road. If this happens frequently within the course of several years, the person’s chances of meeting up with law enforcement increase.

If a person is convicted more than three times of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, that person faces a felony charge which carries severe penalties. Police will submit the results of field sobriety tests, BAC results and other evidence in an attempt to convict the driver. If they succeed, the driver faces mandatory jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and loss of driving privileges for up to eight years. The court may also seize the driver’s vehicle and order additional penalties.

A felony DUI conviction in Tennessee can be life-altering, jeopardizing a person’s livelihood and future. Having legal counsel as quickly as possible after an arrest is vital to preserving evidence. Those who are facing a fourth DUI within five years require aggressive defense to avoid the harsh penalties associated with a felony conviction.

Source: TN.Gov, “DUI Offenses“, Accessed on Dec. 28, 2016

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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