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Flipped car on I-440 results in drunk driving charge

Residents in Tennessee know that being convicted of a DUI can have lasting effects. From facing hefty fines to potentially serving a jail sentence, the consequences are serious. A driver who recently crashed his car is now facing a drunk driving charge.

According to witness reports, the accused was driving in the wrong direction on I-440 in the early hours of the morning. Another driver allegedly flashed bright headlights at the accused, trying to alert him to his potentially dangerous action. According to the accused, he overreacted to the lights being flashed at him, causing him to hit a retaining wall. His car overturned as a result.

Thankfully no other vehicles were involved in the accident. The accused apparently was not seriously injured, as it was not reported that he received any medical treatment, though he was examined at a nearby hospital. According to their reports, authorities detected that the accused smelled of alcohol and was unsteady when being interviewed. While it was not immediately available where authorities performed a field sobriety test or what the result was, they did arrest the man on a count of DUI.

The accused will have his case heard in a courtroom in Tennessee in the near future. Prosecutors must prove the drunk driving charge to demonstrate the accused’s guilt. Until that happens, however, the man is considered innocent in the eyes of the law. In order to fight the charge against him, the accused should gain an understanding of how the law protects his rights. There could be defenses and pleas for him to consider in fighting the charge against him.

Source:, Wrong-way driver charged with DUI, Lori Mitchell, Nov. 27, 2013

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