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Former Tennessee State student in need of criminal defense

Everyone experiences lapses in judgment from time to time. In many cases, the results from making a bad decision do not have any dire consequences. On the other hand, however, some individuals could end up needing a criminal defense if their hasty choice resulted in their being charged with a serious crime.

One man in Tennessee recently found himself in such a predicament. Reports stated that the individual was a defensive end on the Tennessee State University football team, but he found himself in a serious situation after allegedly punching one of the football coaches in the head during a game. It was unclear in the report what may have led to the alleged altercation. Nonetheless, the player was removed from the team and expelled from the school.

The coach reportedly suffered medical issues as a result of the incident, but the exact injuries were not detailed in the report. As a result, the young man has been charged with aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily harm. This allegation is considered a felony, and he could face serious consequences if he is convicted of the charges.

The Tennessee man involved in this situation may wonder how he could have ended up facing such a serious predicament. Though he may not fully know the answer to that question, he could still make efforts to handle the case in a meaningful way. To better understand his options, he may wish to gain applicable information relating to the allegations brought against him and criminal defense routes that could potentially work in his favor.

Source:, “Tennessee State Football Player Charged With Felony Assault For Punching Coach“, Josh Sanchez, Nov. 21, 2017

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