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House party leads to 26 arrests for underage drinking

When parents are away, their kids will play. This was true 50 years ago, and it is true today. Tennessee parents are well aware that their teenage children are likely to bend the rules from time to time; sneaking out, attending parties, and even experimenting with alcohol. The recent arrest of 26 teens at a Union County house party provides an example of how kids test the limits set out for them. Unfortunately, these teens could end up with serious punitive measures should they be convicted of underage drinking.

Police were made aware of the party through a tip. When they arrived at the address, a farm just outside of Maynardville, they saw multiple vehicles parked around a bonfire. Several people began running from the scene, but police were able to arrest a total of 26 teens on suspicion of underage drinking.

Three of the young people arrested were 18 years of age, leading the media to share their booking photos and names. The rest were all underage, which gave them and their families a measure of privacy. Police did state that there were other underage teens present who did not appear to have consumed alcohol.

As these Tennessee teenagers prepare to answer to the charge of underage drinking, their attorneys will guide them in how to proceed. In some cases, the manner in which police determined that the teens had been drinking may be called into question. For others who have no previous offenses and have exhibited good judgement in other areas of their lives, their legal response may rest on a request that this lapse in judgment not turn into a criminal conviction.

Source:, “26 teens arrested for underage drinking in Union County“, , Sept. 2, 2014

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