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How much does a Tennessee DUI affect auto insurance rates?

A conviction for a Tennessee drinking and driving offense can take a considerable toll on your life, leaving you facing substantial fines, time behind bars and a loss of your driver’s license, among other possible penalties. Losing your license can also make it decidedly more difficult to get to and from work, which you will likely need to be able to do so you can pay off those fines and related expenditures. While this can prove highly problematic, a DUI conviction can also impact your life in other troubling ways.

For example, you can expect, per, to see a sharp rise in your automotive insurance rates following a DUI conviction, and this typically holds true regardless of where you live. While, across the country, a DUI conviction can raise your auto insurance rates by somewhere between 28 and 371 percent, you can expect your own rates to vary based on certain factors, such as whether you are a first-time offender and the other details surrounding your arrest.

How much Tennessee insurance rates rise after DUI

So, how much more could you have to pay for auto insurance coverage after receiving a conviction for DUI in Tennessee? Without DUIs on their driving records, most Tennessee drivers pay about $1,339 each year for coverage. Following a DUI arrest and conviction, however, this number climbs to $2,230 annually, which is an increase of 67 percent and $891 per year.

While paying this much for auto insurance on its own can prove difficult, it often becomes even more so for Tennessee residents grappling with other expenses relating to their crimes. For example, even first-time Tennessee DUI offenders must install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles once they get their licenses back, and they have to do so at their own expense. The first-year costs associated with an ignition interlock device often exceed $1,000, so you can count on shelling out a whole lot more money just to use your vehicle in the aftermath of a DUI.

While your insurer will undoubtedly raise your rates following a DUI conviction, if the provider chooses to continue to cover you, your provider may also decide you are too much of a liability and decline to extend you coverage at all.

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