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Individuals have right to defend against Tennessee drug charges

The circumstances under which police charge individuals with alleged crimes can play an important role in their criminal cases. When a person is facing drug charges, he or she may wish to assess the details of the arresting incident and explore how those details may affect his or her decisions. That person may also wish to look into options for better understanding legal elements of the situation.

One man — whose age was not given in the report — may be hoping to fully understand his predicament after recently being taken into custody in Tennessee. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a vehicle while towing a second vehicle. Police stopped the man because his license plate was purportedly concealed, and they apparently thought he seemed nervous. When officers checked the VIN number of the vehicle, the man reportedly began running away.

Police stopped the man and took him into custody. Officers then searched the vehicles and allegedly found 691 lbs of marijuana in the second vehicle. As a result, the man was booked in jail on unspecified charges, and his bond was set at $105,000.

In order to deal with his drug charges in the manner he sees most fit, he will likely want to take the time to assess his specific case and explore the legal options available to him. He has the right to defend against any and all allegations brought against him. Individuals who are facing similar circumstances may wish to consult with experienced Tennessee attorneys to determine what courses of action may allow them to create meaningful defense presentations.

Source:, “THP busts driver transporting nearly 700 lbs of marijuana“, July 7, 2017

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