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Investigation leads to drug charges for public works director

Coming under investigation for a crime is not an easy situation for a person to handle. Often, individuals may not even know they are a suspect until authorities conduct a search or carry out other actions. Unfortunately, some investigations can lead to drug charges that can put accused parties in precarious situations.

One man in Tennessee is currently facing this type of ordeal. Apparently, investigators began to look into the man after receiving undisclosed information. That information and evidence allegedly pointed to possible cocaine possession on the part of the man, who is the city’s public works director. The investigation resulted in officers going to the public works location and questioning the man. He purportedly admitted that he was in possession of cocaine and took a baggie out of his pocket that reportedly contained the substance.

The man also reportedly consented to a search of his vehicle, and officers allegedly found another baggie with suspected cocaine as well as cut straws supposedly used for snorting the drug. The baggies, paraphernalia, the man’s computer and his phones were taken by the officers. The man was taken into custody, and he is currently facing drug-related charges.

This man now faces a serious predicament. He certainly wants to handle his criminal case and combat the drug charges effectively, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to go about doing that. Fortunately, he can take the time to learn about his available criminal defense options and what his case may involve in efforts to prepare. Gaining information from local Tennessee legal resources may be wise.

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