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Juvenile cases are serious and may have lasting repercussions

Juveniles, usually anyone under the age of 18, can get into deep trouble with the law just as adults can. Realistically, it’s understandable that younger people may make mistakes, and the penalties are usually adjusted accordingly. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t harsh or that they won’t have a lasting impact on your child.

Take, for example, this case that happened recently. According to a news report from Knoxville, two juveniles were arrested and charged with crimes including possessing a handgun when underage and unlawful drug paraphernalia. They were arrested following a short pursuit, which meant that they would also be charged with evading arrest.

The juveniles, 16 and 17, were believed to be involved in a shooting incident on Dec. 15. They were discovered in a stolen vehicle as well, so they have additionally been charged with auto theft.

Juveniles can face multiple charges and serious penalties

Although these teenagers are underage, the reality is that they can face multiple charges and harsh penalties. For example, they could face time in juvenile prison, fines and fees, community service, probation and other penalties if convicted.

What do parents need to know about getting help for their children?

As a parent, finding out that your child is in trouble with the law can be shocking, especially if they’ve never caused problems in the past. Your first step should be to look into the legal support that you can get, so that you can minimize the damage to your child’s reputation in the short and long term.

In some cases, the prosecution may seek to have a juvenile charged as an adult, especially when they are near to 18. This is something to watch out for in particularly heinous cases involving assault or murder, for example. If your child is accused of any kind of crime, though, you still need to be on your guard.

Your attorney will walk you through everything you need to know about your child’s case and provide the support you need to defend your child against penalties that could affect them for life. Take this case seriously, because this could have a lasting effect on your child.

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