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Law enforcement to combat drunk driving over holiday weekend

Tennessee law enforcement is preparing to increase vigilance over the course of the Independence Day holiday weekend. It is hoped that the increase in DUI enforcement will dissuade drivers from getting behind the wheel while impaired. This will be done with additional checkpoints set up throughout the state to monitor drivers. If an individual is suspected of drunk driving, he or she must submit to a breath test or be subjected to a blood test.

At these checkpoints, an on-call judge can issue immediate warrants for drivers who are suspected of impairment. This would happen only if a driver refuses to submit to a breath test. Checkpoints will be set up in areas that have a high concentration of DUI arrests and motor vehicle accidents. Just last year there were several alcohol-related deaths in Tennessee over the Fourth of July holiday.

Even if an individual is stopped at a designated DUI checkpoint, that person is still entitled to certain protections under the law. If these rights are violated or proper procedures are not followed, the defendant may be able to challenge the prosecution’s case. It is particularly important for an individual to seek legal assistance as soon as possible after an arrest.

A drunk driving arrest can leave a permanent mark on an individual’s criminal record and compromise a person’s career and reputation. It is important to confront these charges by developing a defense that is tailored according to the needs of the individual. A case evaluation with a defense lawyer can determine which defense strategy is most beneficial.

Source:, “Sobriety checkpoints planned for July 4th holiday“, June 30, 2015

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Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Law Firm | TN

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