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Man, 20, charged with drunk driving into Tennessee home

A 20-year-old Tennessee man has recently been arrested after purportedly driving his vehicle into a family’s home. The man has been charged with drunk driving and authorities have stated that he will be facing additional charges in connection with this incident. He has since been released from custody after posting bail.

The man allegedly lost control of his vehicle and traveled across several neighboring lawns before crashing into the kitchen area of the home. He had purportedly attempted to negotiate a turn onto another road when he lost the ability to control his vehicle. The accident occurred around 1 a.m. on a recent Saturday.

The family was home at the time, but according to the reports, none of the four members were injured in the crash. The structure sustained considerable damage. An occupant of the home stated that he had just gone into his bedroom and saw items from the upper level falling down the stairs after the impact.

Police have charged the young man with drunk driving but have not indicated publicly whether any sobriety or blood testing was performed at the time of the incident. Moreover, there was no indication that the man was subjected to a breathalyzer test before being charged with the DUI. He is presumed innocent of these allegations until the Tennessee officials have presented evidence that proves otherwise. Additionally, he may work with his defense team to challenge the state’s case as well as research his options as to the best possible resolution available for him in his present circumstances.

Source:, “Deputies: drunk driver drives truck into Piney Flats home“, Lauren Haviland, July 26, 2014

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